Hi, and welcome to Wylam Event Catering’s first ever blog post! We are a brand-new event catering company, based in Northumberland but operating nationwide, catering for streetfood events, weddings, parties, offering simply the best streetfood out there. You may have previously known us as Flat Earth Streetfood, run by Angus Wright, and that arm is still very much with us as part of this new family, alongside our new mobile outlets Philly Deli, specialising in Philly Cheesesteak Subs and Fries, and Veganosaurus, bringing you immense vegan flavours with the help of our surprisingly modern prehistoric friend!  

We’d love you to have a look around the site, and if you are involved with organising large scale events which need delicious streetfood, whether you are getting married and want something different for the food at your wedding, or even if you just want to take the stress out of organising the food for your friends at a party, give us a call or follow the link to the contacts page!

Last month we moved into our new headquarters at Vallum Farm, just next to Hadrian’s Wall in East Wallhouses. Prior to this, Angus had been running the business out of his home in Wylam, and the endless tripping up over boxes of vegetables or piles of washing up meant that it was a choice between probable divorce or moving into a new premises!  

Beautiful view from the office

Vallum is beautiful, and there is so much going on up here.  With a stunning wedding event space, Vallum Weddings and Events offers what must be the best view around for your photos, and we really hope that we can help with the evening food at your special day in the future. Additionally, here there is the Tea Room on the Wall – watch this space for some streetfood events coming up in the fantastic space they have there.  Looking for that perfect piece for your home? Look no further than Jolaru, who have a huge range of unique restyled furniture, home accessories and much, much more.  Upstairs from Jolaru is Creative Arts Studios Northumberland, a space which showcases the best local artists and hosts creativity classes for young and old. We feel lucky to be here!

Angus at Flat earth

We’ve kicked off the year with a lot of work for Flat Earth. As well as our regular spot on the corner of the streetfood market at Newcastle Quayside Market, we have also been seen doing a kitchen takeover at the Staiths Café in Dunston, lunchtime treats at the Toffee Factory Newcastle for their weekly “Ouseturnisitforlunch”, and Hoults Yard up the road, we fed the guests at the inaugural Ryton Beer Festival, and we loved being invited back to Ouseburn Farm for their “Streetfood Saturday” event. However, this time of year is a little quieter for streetfood, and so we’ve been gearing up for the big launch of Wylam Event Catering and getting our new brands up and running.  We’re delighted to have taken our first booking for Philly Deli at the County Hotel in Newcastle, where guests over the Easter weekend will sample the finest Philly Cheesesteak Subs around, all served with our crispy salted fries.  Both Philly Deli and Veganosaurus will also be making their debuts on the Quayside market soon.  Watch this space!It’s going to be a busy summer for us, we’re travelling nationwide now to bring our delicious food to you, and we can’t wait to meet more hungry customers!